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Moské med regnbue - Puslespill


This mosque puzzle consists pieces of different sizes placed within the framework, which are especially designed for toddlers as a way to introduce them to the world of puzzles.

The simple, colorful design and the rounded harmonious shapes are particularly appealing to the eyes of little ones. It is great for developing simple problem-solving skills, enhancing hand-eye coordination, and reinforce pattern and shape recognition. It is also excellent for fine motor skill development, as kids will be grasping the pieces with their nimble fingers.

This robust wooden puzzle is sustainable due to its high quality material. The inlaid frame shows the natural structure and character of the wood used, and thus making it more visually attractive.

Product details:

  • 1 wooden puzzle consisting of 13 parts (30 x 26 x 2 cm)
  • Made of solid FSC-certified gum tree wood
  • Handmadeunderfairworking conditions
  • Sweat and saliva resistant
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • Age recommendation:fromapprox. 2 years

Warning:Due to risk of swallowing and suffocation, the product is not suitable for children under 2 years of age.

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