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Romduft Shifa Aromas Sufi garden


Sufi Garden - Time to Love

Stylish and modern 100ml diffuser complete with 7 Porex reed sticks available in ten breath-taking fragrances that will compliment any space for up to 15 weeks. Our diffusers are infused with natural botanicals including resins, flowers or woods within a plant based base that gives a full bodied strength to the fragrance allowing it to last longer and is visually captivating. 


100ml Eco-Friendly, Low odour base - Alcohol Free 
Highly Scented - Paraben Free
Infused with natural elements
Last up to 15 weeks
Include 7 Porex  quality reed-sticks
Complete with a travel-stopper

Sufi Garden - Time to Love | Notes of  - Bergamot - Petigrain - Peach - Pineapple - Tonka. Infused with Sitarey Oudh, Sandalwood and Rose petals.

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