Kalender - Bønn - Islamske måneder

Vennligst velg

This colorful magnetic calendar offers children to playfully learn about the Islamic months and the five daily prayers which gives them a greater sense of control and responsibility.

The calendar consists of three wooden layers:

  1. The rear layer which is the sky blue background consisting a few simple colored illustrations.
  1. The middle layer encompasses the names of the twelve Islamic months, and the five daily prayers are tagged at the bottom of the calendar. The small magnetic pieces with different shapes provide an opportunity to mark the current month and prayers that encourage kids to stay on track.
  1. The third layer offers a manual clock that has a Qur’an verse (Surat 14: 40-41) printed on it. The prayer times can be manually set, which teaches children to better understand the times of prayers and its importance.

The calendar comes with 2 hangers at the back for ease of placing on walls which serves as a great addition to a kid’s room decor. The effective design approach combined with high quality workmanship ensures sustainability of the product that will last beyond a lifetime.

Overall, this toy offers hands-on fun and learning that helps encourage fine motor development, and serves as a positive motivation which is a great start for children who learn to practice prayers.

Product details:

  • 1 prayer calendar (approx. 38×30 cm) with 8 magnet pieces
  • Made of solid, FSC certified gum tree wood
  • Handmadeunderfairworking conditions
  • Sweat and saliva proof
  • Health-friendly and odorless
  • Age recommendation:fromapprox. 5 years
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